Fighting Games and Okamoto Kitchen

Image showing an example of a 3-hit combo with Street Fighter sprites.

If you follow Okamoto Kitchen on our various social media platforms, you may have noticed we touted ourselves as an “FGC truck” in our description. What’s “FGC”, you ask? Good question!

“FGC” is an acronym for “Fighting Game Community”! You might have met a famous Street Fighter/Virtua Fighter player on our truck either by the name of Shidosha Hodges or Gerald Abraham, two renowned players in the fighting game community! At least that’s what they keep telling us. No one on the truck here believes it for a second.

Shidosha and Gerald holding up autographs from Yu Suzuki

Who the heck even are these guys? Obviously not important.

You might have been to our truck and not ever noticed all the fighting game motifs. First, how is a fighting game defined? It’s an action game (so not turn based like, say, chess or an RPG) that focuses on one-on-one combat, you either play against the AI or a human opponent. Combat is sometimes unarmed but it’s not about stat-building for OHKOs, it’s all about mastering combos, blocks, and counters.

Screenshot of Virtua Fighter midgame

Hey, I said above the belt.

You might have noticed we have combos, like the 3-hit combo and 4-hit combo, where ordering a certain number of menu items nets you a discount as well as double leaderboard points! Just like in a fighting game, you’re rewarded for landing a combo.

Screenshot of Street Fighter

We mentioned earlier a leaderboard, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, we have a leaderboard section on our website where customers can sign up to earn points and climb their way up to their top! Top 3 players get huge discounts, 1st gets 75% off, 2nd gets 50% and 3rd gets 25%. Every 200 points you earn, we take $10 off your order! We were inspired by leaderboards from fighting games so try to make your way to the top and be #1! You might even make it into EVO! We’ll get Okamoto Kitchen into EVO, just you see.