Nom Bomb Sandwich

Nanban style teriyaki-glazed, deep-fried chicken or tofu with shredded cabbage, tartar sauce, and jalapeno on a brioche bun.

Bird of Fire

Our signature HOT, deep fried chicken sandwich with dill relish, mayo, pickled onions, cabbage, Goku sauce, and a touch of honey. Goku sauce contains peanuts.

Yanki Burger

100% beef patty topped with our own sesame-garlic teriyaki sauce, a fried egg and then garnished with pickled onions, shredded cabbage & mayo on a brioche bun.

Okamoto Salad

Light and fresh mixed greens with chunks of tomato and sliced cucumber topped with our tangy house dressing.


Lightly salted soybeans in a pod.

Katsu Curry Sandwich

Deep-fried chicken cutlet with our special Okamoto Curry, shredded cabbage, mayonaise, pickled onions on a brioche bun.

Okamoto Curry

Our signature Japanese-style curry over rice with gouda cheese. Choose your toppings!

Okamoto Bowl

Choice of protein alongside our house salad atop white rice. Choose from either Gyudon (Thinly sliced beef and onion simmered in soy sauce and rice wine) or Teriyaki Chicken garnished with sesame seeds.