Who’s LA Weekly Reader’s Choice Best Food Truck?

Okamoto Kitchen wins Best Food Truck of 2016!

Could it be? Do our eyes deceive us? Nay, they do not! We did, in fact, win LA Weekly’s Reader Choice Award for Best Food Truck of 2016! That’s unbelievable for so many reasons! Check it!

  1. We’re very new. We officially opened July 1st 2015, in only a year we’ve managed to grow so much!
  2. We tried going for a risky but original route by focusing on some lesser known Japanese comfort food. People took the risk and kept coming back!
  3. We’re a niche truck with our anime and fighting game sensibilities. Thanks to both communities for supporting us all these years!
  4. Kogi is a top contender! They won this category for the last few years while last year while we placed third. To understand how strong they are look up any top LA Food Truck list on the web and see how often they pop up.

Yet we did it! We could not have done this without the help of all our fans and customers. After all, you guys were the ones to actually take the time to vote for us! You were the ones to believe in Japanese Comfort Food and anime flair! We’ll work hard to be the best food truck of 2017 while continuing to innovate as well!

As for all the other LA food trucks out there, we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield again next year.

Ryu and Cyclops shaking hands

gg, dude

Look, that’s us on the list. Isn’t it majestic? It says “Best Food Truck” and “Okamoto Kitchen” in one breath. Ahhhh.