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Let Okamoto Kitchen make your next Wedding, Birthday Party, Office Luncheon, Corporate Event or Party for the sake of partying a breeze! Cater your next event with Cheese Mochi, Poke Soba, various Rice Bowls, and Nomb Bomb Sandwiches with Japanese Comfort Food that Perfectly complements any and all themes!


Pal S-
“We had Okamoto Kitchen food truck cater our late night food at our wedding day. It was the best food truck ever! Guests were raving about the food and some even said they heard about the food truck and been wanting to try it! Gerald from Okamoto is amazing, very personable, and has the best customer service. Would highly recommend Okamoto Kitchen for any of your future events. You will not regret it!”

Alexis K-
“I’ve eaten both at the Okamoto Kitchen truck (several times) and had their catering at a wedding and I absolutely love their food! They make my favorite curry in LA, but if you’re on the go the Nom Bomb sandwich is definitely the easiest thing to grab and run and it’s delicious, too. The mochi cheese sticks seemed like a weird idea to me at first but they’re so good and really addictive. If you get a chance to check out this truck I really recommend it!”

Anna Z-
“Love love love their food! I’ve had the katsu curry sandwich and my boyfriend loves the nom bomb. Mochi sticks are great, the JFC is great though I miss the monster ball croquettes because they were amazing!! The workers are cool and always answer my questions on FB. Love their seasonal desserts, and the overall franchise, they have a very cute mascot and whoever does the artwork is amazing! Wishing I wasn’t stuck in Vegas because every first Thursday of the month I’m wishing I was back in California to eat at their truck. Only complaint is please keep an eye out that your customers are getting the right food because these teens hung out by the window and my order was up but they immediately grabbed it and complained it wasn’t the right food (no duh ya dummy kids) so I had to wait longer. I was more annoyed by the kids and didn’t mind after because I got fresh steaming hot mochi sticks and the guy got off the truck to hand it to me personally and that was so nice. Looking forward to next years foodie festival hoping I can eat from this truck again!”

Jean T-
“I’ve been to Okamoto Kitchen several times, and it’s always a treat every time I go. It’s a food truck with a lot of heart: the dishes are delicious, the owners and employees are kind and hospitable, and even the design of the truck is awesome (it’s covered in anime). Some of my favorite dishes are the Gyu Don bowl, Okonomi Fries, Katsu Curry Sandwich, and JFC. Highly recommend!”