Daily Life of a Food Truck

Employees prepping the food truck

Working on a food truck isn’t always the easiest but we enjoy it enough to keep at it. We thought today we’d give you a little look into a typical shift at Okamoto Kitchen!


We start off the day at the commissary that we call home! Here we get the food prepped and ready. The commissary is also where our fridge is and where get our ice and fill up the truck with water. We don’t serve food here, though, so don’t come by thinking we’ll have anything ready!


After the truck is all set, we’re ready to go! Maybe to your town? Maybe to Japan? One day. One day we’ll get an Okamoto transport ship.



Once we make it to our destination, it’s time for a little bit more food prep.


It’s looking good guys, but hurry it on up! We open at 5pm and our cashier’s late, as always. We need to set up the register for delivery. Oh god, we’re not going to open on time, all our customers are going to hate us and push our truck over and –


Oh, we made it. Ok, cool. No, I was perfectly calm. Shut your trap.


Hey it’s time for service! The time where we make our money and you get your food. This is the time of the day we all work the fastest!


Work fast but not too fast! No mistakes, please. We’ve got a lot of customers waiting! These are the nice ones too so make it good.


Hello ma’am. No, sorry. We’re not the sushi burrito truck. No, no cabeza tacos here, very sorry. (Not a quote from these particular customers, they knew what’s up!)


Some days are busier than others, but we take every shift seriously. We inspect our food carefully to make sure nothing close to spoiled gets into anyone’s food. Shifts can go anywhere from just a couple hours to nearly 12 hours, depends on the shift. Event shifts are some of our longest ones.

End of the Day

Now that service is over, time to finally close up shop!


Time to clean up around the truck so that nothing’s spilling when we drive the truck away later. So many moving parts and we don’t want to lose any.

That was fun. We’ll be back tomorrow at a different location with the same food you love! See you!