Double the Truck for Double Trucks!

Photo of Umetaro at E3

We know what people say. “Okamoto Kitchen is my favorite food truck!” Sorry, folks. Those days of saying that is long over. The new thing to say now is, “Okamoto Kitchen is my favorite series of food trucks because they have more than one truck now, but despite expanding the quality has not decreased at all and instead has just given me more opportunities to try their food and, wow, if that isn’t impressive then I don’t know what is.” And you have to say that exactly.

Don’t believe Fictional Customer up there? First off, how dare you? They are working hard to get their kids through school. Second of all, we’ll prove you wrong! And last of all, how dare you.

Introducing Umetaro!

Photo of Oakmoto Kitchen's second truck, Umetaro, with a bright red and white wrap.


We are proud to introduce the newest member of the Okamoto Kitchen family, Umetaro! Despite being the newer truck, Umetaro here is the older brother of our old truck, Umechan. So even though Umechan is the younger sister, it’s still up to her to show her big brother the ropes. Don’t give up, Umetaro!

Long time fans might have noticed Umetaro has a different wrap! While Umechan had only Haru-chan on the side, Umetaro will feature all new artwork. The side the customers will be on will feature anime chef Chizuru, anime version of real life boxer dog, Honey, and our staple maid, Haru-chan! So be sure to check out all the sides for more art!

Features for Days!

Interior photo of Okamoto Kitchen's truck, Umetaro

CHECK OUT THIS INTERIOR. You don’t get what’s going on? Because you’re never on the inside of Okamoto Kitchen? Psh. Well. Maybe you should just work on the truck. What? We aren’t hiring right now? OK, fine. We’ll give you a run down. This one time.

Umetaro is bigger than Umechan! He’s got two fryers and two assembly stations! That means a faster turn around time, less time waiting on your food and more time eating and enjoy the festivities! But are you ready for the coolest part, though? Are you ready? You sure?

USB charging station on the truck for customers

It’s a station for all our customers to charge via USB! Keep your phone alive while you wait for that JFC plate so you can take a selfie with the truck later. However, you do need to provide your own USB. Sorry about that. Let that be a harsh lesson on the realities of life. Because not only do we provide great food, we provide life lessons!

So be sure to check out our new truck, Umetaro, coming¬†to plenty of events near you! If you’re wondering, Umetaro will be at K-Town Night Market, Riviera Village Summer Festival, Anime Expo 2017, kaaboo, and Great American Foodie Fest!