Haru’s Kicking It in Line!

Chibi Haru-chan Line Stickers

Everyone knows the best part of Line is the Line stickers and Okamoto Kitchen decided to provide you with plenty. What better way to communicate your emotions than through a cute, anime maid girl?

There’s 40 stickers for just 99 cents with plenty of Haru-chan to express any sentiment you might have. Also they’re just really cute, have I mentioned that before?


If Haru ain’t your style because you identify more closely to a man, dog, or truck, we’ve got you covered there as well.


Here’s a possible scenario that might play out with you and your friends.

Your friend: Hey, what’s up?

You: honey_001

Your friend: lol so true.

Can you even imagine the possibilities? Download your Okamoto Kitchen Line Sticker set today!