New Day, New Truck, Now Hiring

A mysterious white, new truck with our chef Chizuru and Honey standing in front of it.

What could this mysterious new truck be? Well, let’s see. We’re a food truck and that’s a truck in the image. So it’s probably… oh. It’s that everyday truck we requested. Just, you know, for picking up Honey to the vet, when we go camping or road tripping. Grocery store. Just the usual.

Usual being like our new food truck! We’re hoping by 2017, which is coming up very soon, we can start rolling out our second truck for service and reaching new areas! Our dream is so that no man, woman, or child will be without Okamoto Kitchen. Once the second truck gets close to ready for roll out, we’re going to be looking for more people! So keep an eye out for a “Now Hiring” sign!

If you want to take a closer look at how we transform the truck, take a look here.

Okamoto Kitchen Truck

One day the new truck will grow to be a big boy like this one.

If you can’t wait until next year to work for us, we are looking for a delivery driver NOW.

We know what you want out of a job, a close knit group of coworker, a chill atmosphere, something new every day that doesn’t bore you, steady hours, above minimum wage pay, and a chance to say you work in the cutest food truck imaginable.

Okamoto Kitchen, one of the world’s fastest growing food truck businesses, is looking to hire a driver/line cook! Emphasis on the driver! This is for one position. So, we need someone with a clean driving record, and a driver’s license, that’s all! We’ll help teach you the rest so just a willingness to learn or if you have experience driving moving vans, those are all great!

As far as kitchen skills go, just experience cooking at home casually is enough, we’ll help get you up to snuff! As a result, you just need basic kitchen skills and we’ll guide you the rest of the way. So just have the ability to use a knife without cutting yourself and using the stove top without lighting everything on fire.

If looking to grow with a food truck with a fun atmosphere and $13-$15/HR sounds appealing, hit us up! Our truck is based in the North San Fernando Valley so locals preferred, and if you love anime and video games, well, that’s just a plus as we also love anime and video games.

What we provide:

-Fun, close knit atmosphere. (But we get serious when it gets busy.)


-We’ll teach you how to drive our truck and how to cook

-Steady hours

-A chance to work with one of the fastest growing food trucks in the world

What you need:

-Driver’s license and clean driving record

-Ability to drive a large vehicle

-PREFERRED north San Fernando Valley native

-Basic cooking abilities (the ability to cook without killing everyone)


Email us with your resume at: