Okamoto Kitchen on the Big Screen!

Okamoto Kitchen on the Big Screen! Well, depending on how big your screen is.

We were lucky enough to work with David Yanez and Spencer Richards in order to bring to you a little 13 minute film about your favorite Japanese Comfort Food truck. The video brings a little insight into the history behind Okamoto Kitchen next to beautiful shots of our menu items.


If you were ever curious about the imagery behind the food truck, the video offers a window into behind all the graphics, the anime, the video games, all the influences that makes Okamoto Kitchen such a stand out truck, as well as offering a small glimpse into co-founder Gerald’s extensive anime collection.

So take a little break and get to know the people behind the truck, Chizuru, our chef, Shidosha and Gerald, and see all the love and passion put into Okamoto Kitchen.