Okamoto Kitchen Parfait Highlight!

Recently Okamoto Kitchen was in a feature in LA Weekly for “Best Asian-Inspired Desserts in LA”! We’re especially honored as we’re the only food truck on the list showing you can get restaurant quality food from a food truck. The item featured was our green tea parfait. If you haven’t noticed our dessert items, we’re here to give you a rundown to see if any pique your interest!

Our coffee jelly. Our most ubiquitous item, unassuming, but classy. Caramel syrup, custard, and jellied coffee are topped with whipped cream and a sweet-salty piece of rusk. It constantly aspires to be something it’s not even though it’s fine as is. Be nice to coffee jelly.

Getting a little too big for its britches after being featured in LA Weekly, here’s our Green Tea parfait. It’s always a hit when it comes around so we guess we can’t blame it. It’s made with matcha-infused custard and layered with red bean paste, sweet-and-salty rusk, homemade whipped cream, and finished with some green tea dust.

Our strawberry parfait is sweet but can be a bit of a bully if it decides it doesn’t like you. Our strawberry parfait comes with chopped strawberries, sponge cake, creamy custard, and home made whipped cream. It’ll also fight dirty if you turn your back so beware.

Shy and unassuming but the best friend you could possibly ask for. The chocolate brownie has been infused with miso creating an extremely amazing sweet-and-salty taste. Layered with our homemade custard and whipped cream, don’t shy away from this bad boy.

Our Earl Grey Tea Jelly parfait may feel like it’s playing second fiddle to coffee jelly, even though it has its own unique flavor. We start with a very tasty and unique milk custard and it’s topped with our earl grey tea jelly, topped with whipped cream, and then garnished with our sweet-and-salty brioche rusk. Be sure to tell it you love it as you eat it.

Our Apple Pie Parfait often feels out of sorts, but you cannot find a parfait more reliable than him. This parfait comes together with sliced apples that has been sauteed with cinnamon and sugar, crumbled pie crust, custard, and homemade whipped cream. If it could, it’d help you move.


Limited Edition Parfaits

While these parfaits only managed to stay with us for a brief time, they were most welcome by our customers and by us. Will they come back? Probably not but let’s just take a trip down memory lane anyways, shall we?

Our fall feature, our pumpkin pie parfait was quite a hit with the ladies, the men, and everyone else. The custard was infused with pumpkin pie flavor, topped with a thin layer of mascarpone cheese, cinnamon crumble, homemade whipped cream, and a dusting of cinnamon.

Christmas parfait that's red, green, and white

Our Christmas parfait insisted on only a glamour shot. It’s a little out there but it’s actually a good person. It came with white chocolate custard, strawberry compote, matcha bread pudding. Finally topped with whipped cream and strawberry dust. It really got everyone into the holiday season, what a hard worker.

Our most recent family member was our Valentine’s Parfait. It may act fussy on the surface, but it’s a lazy boy just like the rest of us. The parfait is made with vanilla, miso cheesecake and strawberry compote. Topped with our homemade whipped cream and not-as-homemade strawberry dust. You will find it lounging on the couch after a hard day’s work.

That’s it. That’s all our desserts thus far. Keep an eye out for more limited edition parfaits in the future and for old favorites to come back. If you haven’t, definitely try ordering one. Ever meal is better with dessert!