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Double the Truck for Double Trucks!

Photo of Umetaro at E3

We know what people say. “Okamoto Kitchen is my favorite food truck!” Sorry, folks. Those days of saying that is long over!

Themed Food and Anime Cafes!

Interior of Pokemon Cafe with a stuffed Pikachu seated at the table

We love celebrating the holidays, which is why we love creating themed food for the holidays! Themed restaurants or cafes are plentiful in Tokyo, ranging from things like trains to anime to animals! Let’s take a look at the different cafes out there!

New Day, New Truck, Now Hiring

A mysterious white, new truck with our chef Chizuru and Honey standing in front of it.

What could this mysterious new truck be? Well, let’s see. We’re a food truck and that’s a truck in the image. So it’s probably… oh. It’s that everyday truck we requested. Just the usual. Usual like being our new food truck!

Munchies Article Highlights Okamoto Kitchen

JFC Plate photo from Munchies article

Munchies of Vice recently wrote an article about our food truck, Okamoto Kitchen, mainly highlighting the fighting game culture aspect of the truck. We are truly honored for this opportunity!

Weekend Recap – Revisiting Communities!

Screenshot from SoCal Regionals 2016

It’s been an exciting weekend for us here at Okamoto Kitchen! We got to participate in a lot of events that we consider to be our community, from anime to fighting games to just local California.

Haru’s Kicking It in Line!

Chibi Haru-chan Line Stickers

Everyone knows the best part of Line is the Line stickers and Okamoto Kitchen decided to provide you with plenty. What better way to communicate your emotions than through a cute, anime maid girl?

Daily Life of a Food Truck

Employees prepping the food truck

Working on a food truck isn’t always the easiest but we enjoy it enough to keep at it. We thought today we’d give you a little look into a typical shift at Okamoto Kitchen!

Festivals Every Weekend!

View of line of customers from the truck

If you would like to ask where we’ll be showing up next or would like to place a request, hit us up on Facebook or Twitter! For now we’re going to highlight some events that we’ll be participating in! So if you’re stuck on what to do this weekend while also afraid of being far from us, here’s a list you can peruse!

We’re All About That Japanese Comfort Food!

Did you know sandwiches actually enjoy a pretty healthy life in Japan? Well, they do!

Okamoto Kitchen on the Big Screen!

Okamoto Kitchen on the Big Screen! Well, depending on how big your screen is.