Themed Food and Anime Cafes!

Interior of Pokemon Cafe with a stuffed Pikachu seated at the table

We love celebrating the holidays, which is why we love creating themed food for the holidays! Themed restaurants or cafes are plentiful in Tokyo, ranging from things like trains to anime to animals! Seeing as we’re an anime truck, we’re going to focus more on the anime side of things. Let’s take a look at the different cafes out there!

Anime Themed Cafes

Interior of One Piece themed cafe named "Baratie".

One Piece themed Cafe “Baratie”

Some anime themed cafes are more permanent fixtures and so they contain far more elaborate decorations. The above picture has the chef character, Sanji, standing in front of food seen in the anime. The name “Baratie” comes from a floating restaurant-ship that Sanji previously worked on.

A parfait made to look like a devil fruit.

Not only that, the food is also inspired by the anime. This parfait comes with a straw hat pirate flag, the main pirate crew of the manga/anime, as well as made to look like a devil fruit from One Piece.

Gundam themed food

Apparently they have a pretty cool toilet.

Here’s more examples of menu items but this time from a Gundam themed cafe.

Various drinks with Sailor Moon motifs

Not all the restaurants are permanent fixtures though. For example, some are pop up restaurants that take over a restaurant temporarily with their own decorations and food items. In the case of the picture above, the items are Sailor Moon themed drinks, the bottom left looks like Tuxedo Mask, the main male character. The event went on for a couple months in a bar takeover in order to promote the then up and coming anime, “Sailor Moon Crystal”.

Cafe takeover with a Free! theme

Another pop up cafe for Kyoto Animation’s Free!

A dish with a Kuroko no Basuke theme

Kuroko no Basuke themed dish

Dishes based on the Madoka Magica anime

Madoka Magica themed dishes

However, not all of them are temporary or permanent. The above picture for Madoka Magica is from Good Smile’s Animate Cafe. Good Smile is a figure company specializing in figures of characters from anime and video games. Their Animate Cafe is a more permanent fixture that changes themes frequently. The left dish features Kyubei, the mascot from the anime.

Video Game Themed Cafes

Capcom Cafe Monster Hunter themed food

Monster Hunter themed dishes

There’s not much to say here that hasn’t already been said in the anime themed section. So we’ll just leave you with cute pictures instead.

Kirby Cafe curry dish that looks like Waddle Dee

Waddle Dee curry

Various dishes with Pokemon motifs

never enough pikachus

Dishes from Mario cafe featuring the Super Star and Mario

You know who this is

Capcom Cafe's store selling various goods

The cafes also sell various goods. In the case above, it’s the store specifically for Capcom Cafe selling goods based on their properties.  The pop up stores also sell exclusive goods only sold in the time frame the store is open.

If anime and video games aren’t your speed, there’s always the AKB48 cafe.

Snippet of the menu at AKB48

Egg is too cute to eat

If Japan is too far out your reach, try our holiday themed parfaits! Not anime themed but they are themed.

Christmas parfait that's red, green, and white