Weekend Recap – Revisiting Communities!

Screenshot from SoCal Regionals 2016

It’s been an exciting weekend for us here at Okamoto Kitchen! We got to participate in a lot of events that we consider to be our community, from anime to fighting games to just local California. We run in a lot of circles so it’s nice to get to see a little bit of everyone. Even if you’re not a part of the community, feel free to stop by one day and check out what all the hub bub is about while getting a bite to eat with us! Fair warning though, every event was busy this weekend and we sold out constantly. It’s hard being so popular. Let’s take a quick recap, shall we?

SoCal Regionals 2016

Photo of SoCal Regionalsm

SoCal Regionals took place this weekend and we were there both Friday and Saturday, quickly selling out. It is the biggest fighting game event in southern Califronia for pro players to compete with one another in Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, Killer Instinct, and many others. It’s especially important for Street Fighter players as it’s a big qualifier for the Capcom Cup, another fighting tournament held in December.

Feel free to take a look at this article about us at EventHubs to see why the fighting game community is so important to us. Also, shout out to Justin Wong and James Chen, FGC fam, for always giving us a shout out when they can!

Macross World Convention 2016

Macross World Convention Sign with an anime girl holding a mic and singing

Macross is a long running anime that has been running from 1982 to now, sometimes known in the US as the first season of Robotech. It’s a series with three main components, mechs, aliens, and music. The event this year was held on Saturday and we were there serving fans of old and new fans alike. Whether you’re into mechas, pop music, or sci-fi drama, stop by next time for a look!

If the images on the truck haven’t tipped you off quite yet, read an article about us here to see what else connects us to anime.

Sherman Oaks Street Fair

Shot of Sherman Oaks Street Fair

Sherman Oaks Street Fair was one day of food, vendors, live music, beer, and more food. Hosted by the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce, it’s an event celebrating southern California heritage. We had an extremely fun and busy time and are extremely thankful to have made so many new fans in the area! The truck and the office is based in Sherman Oaks, so having our neighbors enjoy our food so wholeheartedly was pleasant. Be sure to come by, enjoy the local scene and have a bite with us!

Of course, we still consider all of LA our home. Check out this article to see how we stand up in the LA food scene! There’s always a lot going on in LA, feel free to let us know about any upcoming event you’d like to see us at!