We’re All About That Japanese Comfort Food!

We know what some people say about us behind our backs. “Authentic Japanese Comfort Food? More like INauthentic. Amirite, guys?”

First off, ouch. Second off, rude. We know why people would think that with how many sandwich items we’ve got. The common image of Asians is of us eating rice for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, brunch, wedding receptions.

But did you know sandwiches actually enjoy a pretty healthy life in Japan? Sandwiches are a little different in Japan, the typical image of it there is sliced, white bread without the crust. Also unlike America, sweet sandwiches are not uncommon, and you can even find ones filled with strawberries and cream or red bean.

Japanese fruit sandwich

Sandwiches can be found in a lot of places, from a homemade bento box, to restaurants, to convenience stores. Especially convenience stores. Convenience stores are far more ubiquitous in Japan than they are in America, in terms of ratios, almost quadruple that of America’s. 7-11 is the most popular Japanese convenience store chain, but there’s also Lawson, Famima (Family Mart), Circle K, Daily Yamazaki, and Sunkus.

They offer many more services than the usual American counterpart as well, many of them offering a copier machine which can do things besides copying, like ticket purchasing from concerts to plane tickets as well as a photo printing service. They offer pick up service, and one of the best parts is how they they get fresh food delivered daily, and only once they’ve run out, so that it’s always fresh. They offer many things, from bentos to rice balls to the subject of our very post today, sandwiches.

Japanese convenience store sandwiches

If you look at the top left of this convenience store shelf, you can check out some katsu curry sandwiches right there. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s very similar to one of our signature items, out katsu curry sandwich!

Other than the difference that our sandwich is an extremely pumped up version of the convenience store kind, they do one thing we’d never do.


Yeah… Ours are definitely more filling than that. Man, that’s not even a full slice of cucumber.

Check out this list for a quick runthrough of other types of Japanese convenience store sandwiches!